Highly Recommended!

From Library Journal:

“At first glance, the need for an anthology of gay men’s writings on their youth seems superfluous. Aren’t there many titles that fit that subject already? One could fill shelves with existing books of coming-out stories. But the focus here is slightly different-these are stories of what it felt like to grow up gay. Editors Williams and Gideonse commissioned writers not yet widely known to ruminate on personal experiences, which range from the longing of one preppy for another to the many stories of well-developed fantasy lives (e.g., how soap operas can help us survive). Men of many different ages write here, so some stories tell of recent times, while others comment on a generation or more ago; the writing styles vary. Some offer sad remembrances (e.g., a reminder that even gay twins suffer alienation in coming to terms with their sexuality); some are funny (e.g., the range of fantasies described). Amazingly, they are all touching and have an immediacy that makes youth seem like it was only yesterday.

Highly recommended.” –David Azzolina, Univ. of Pennsylvania Lib., Philadelphia