Yippee! The anthology that I’ve been hawking on this blog for the last year (you know the one, the pic is to the left and Rob and I edited it) has been named a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award for Best Anthology.

For my straight or less literarily inclined, the Lambda Literary Foundation is, their words, “the country’s leading organization for LGBT literature. Our mission is to celebrate LGBT literature and provide resources for writers, readers, booksellers, publishers, and librarians – the whole literary community.”

Past winners of the Best Anthology award, which in the past has been divided between gay and lesbian collections, included books edited by Martin Duberman, Essex Hemphill, George Stambolian, John Preston, Joan Nestle, Michale Bronski, David Bergman, Karl Woelz, Noelle Howey, Bruce Shenitz, E. Lynn Harris, Edmund White, Greg Wharton, Ian Philips, and, of course, our book’s editor, Don Weise. Being on a list that includes these folks would be, simply, incredible. (If you don’t who these people are, or only know a few, Google them and buy some of their books. You won’t be sorry. Well, um, unless you accidentally buy some of John Preston’s porn. It’s good stuff, but if you’re, say, not gay, you might not really “get” it.)

So, yay.

Our competition is:

If you haven’t gotten a copy of our book, From Boys to Men: Gay Men Write About Growing Upplease click here.